Workflow Toolkit

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Truly effective resource sharing depends upon each library running at peak efficiency. The goal of the Workflow Toolkit is to help ILL staff implement best practices that will save valuable turnaround time, while also cutting the costs of doing business. Maintained by the IDS Project's Mentors, in partnership with Atlas Systems, the Toolkit provides best practices that can enhance all aspects of borrowing, lending, and document delivery services through ILLiad customizations, resource sharing strategies, and workflow improvements.

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The Workflow Toolkit is available from the IDS Project Press as a downloadable PDF. View it on your PC or tablet, though we highly recommend printing it for use in a 3-ring binder. This will allow you to bookmark sections, take notes, and complete the planning activities through the Toolkit. New sections will be released as loose leaf updates, allowing you to easily keep your Toolkit up-to-date. binder cover




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